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Reffing Commitments

DateTimeVenueHome TeamAway TeamOfficialType
Sunday 08 Oct 2313:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Trojans 3Charlotte Nash Referee
Sunday 08 Oct 2314:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2Nomads 3Hannah RobinsonReferee
Sunday 22 Oct 2313:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3East London 2Susan WrightReferee
Sunday 22 Oct 2314:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2East London 1Dom BradfordReferee
Sunday 29 Oct 2313:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3South London 2Anna JeanesReferee
Sunday 29 Oct 2314:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2South London 1Callum ElliottReferee
Sunday 26 Nov 2310:45Ernest Bevin CollegeSupernova 2Highbury 2Paul JeanesReferee
Sunday 03 Dec 2312:10Petchey AcademyHighbury 3Supernova 2Richard BurrowsReferee
Sunday 17 Dec 2312:00Epsom CollegeNomads 2Highbury 2Anna JeanesReferee
Sunday 17 Dec 2313:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Supernova 4Zach JeanesReferee
Sunday 17 Dec 2314:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2Supernova 3Zach JeanesReferee
Sunday 07 Jan 2413:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Bec 4Zach JeanesReferee
Sunday 07 Jan 2414:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2Bec 3Zach JeanesReferee
Sunday 21 Jan 2412:30Ernest Bevin CollegeBec 2Supernova 2Jess RotheramReferee
Sunday 21 Jan 2413:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Nomads 4Anna JeanesReferee
Sunday 04 Feb 2413:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Bromley 3Kathryn BradfordReferee
Sunday 04 Feb 2414:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2Bromley 2Ed ChaneyReferee
Sunday 11 Feb 2411:45Moberly Sports CentreHighbury 2Bec 2Anna JeanesReferee
Sunday 25 Feb 2412:00Epsom CollegeNomads 2Highbury 3Jess RotheramReferee
Sunday 03 Mar 2413:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Supernova 5Susan WrightReferee
Sunday 10 Mar 2413:10Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 3Highbury 5Sarah WithersReferee
Sunday 10 Mar 2414:30Royal Russell SchoolCroydon 2Highbury 4Dom BradfordReferee
Sunday 14 Apr 2411:15Trinity SchoolTrojans 2Bec 2Jess RotheramReferee
Sunday 21 Apr 2412:50Ernest Bevin CollegeSupernova 1Highbury 1Anna JeanesReferee

CKC has to complete a number of refereeing commitments during the season. It is vitally important that we provide referees so that matches can go ahead, otherwise the club will be fined and may lose points. Therefore...

1) Where possible, refereeing commitments are allocated to players at the start of the season
2) If a player cannot complete the fixture themselves, or does not wish to, it is up to him/her to find someone else to cover it
3) If a player swaps with another player, please let Anna know who the new person is. This is important, because if a match is cancelled at the last minute Anna needs to let the replacement know