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Croydon 4 come back into the game but lose by one!

Mitcham 1 vs Croydon 4
10 - 9
So before I get to my match report, I want to break down the divisions: Annie, Lorna, Bryan & Martin
Charlotte, Jules, David and Ed and now the goal scorers: Martin 2, Bryan 4, Annie 1, David 1 and Jules 1, hell yeah, my division was on fire. Which was great, because today we faced a Mitcham team who stood head and shoulders above us like a group of genetically modified crops! What do they eat in Tooting & Mitcham or maybe they sleep in growbags!

So the game got off to a flying start as Mitcham scored the first 2, I think it was at this point it became obvious the referee had slept with the rule book under his pillow all summer and had injested the final chapter for breakfast. We had too much follow through, too many arms waving, not enough arms waving and very interestingly being to close to the oposition (boy on girl), something was said about 1 meter, both teams looked blank and obviously didn't argue because none of us had had the rule book on toast for breakfast!

We got a goal back, then Mitcham scored some more and we must have too because at half time we were 6-4 down. We talked tactics and decided we should score more, so we did. We brought it back to 6-6, much to the GM Crops surprise, and continued to chase each other to 9-9. It was in the dying seconds of the game that the GM Crops found victory.

Such a different standard of refereeing this week, we definitely restrained our play as we were unsure of what rule would be thrown at us next!

A good match well played by Croydon 4 Warriors, there was always belief we could get back on top and with a sickle and sythe we could have reduced GM Crops to a heap of grain.

I got MVP, well done me, but obviously I'd be nothing without the other 7 players, we are a team.

Being a Warrior is an ATTITUDE

Match Report by Annie
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Final Score: Mitcham 1 10 vs 9 Croydon 4

B Burr

M James

D Hughes

E Chaney

A Campbell

J Johnson

C Feakins

L MacKay-Elliott

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