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Croydon 1 finish the league off on a high

Last match of the season, a report one last time,
thatís why Iíve decided to do it in rhyme,
the first team came out for one last game,
from success on sunday, the team was kept the same,
to start, an issue with kit and confusion for all,
but Ďwho caresí we all thought, lets just play some korfball,
we had Andy, Luke, Kay and Dawn in attack,
and two goals from the boys quickly got us on track,
in defence we had Kathy, Kim, Adam and Zu,
all starting so strongly wearing black and blue,
by half time the team had kept a strong lead,
the score 13-6 we looked good to succeed,
then subs came on, both Hannah and Steve,
but Trojans had clearly got plans up their sleeve,
their goals came so quickly, 13-9 was the score,
but 1st team werenít threatened, they knew they had more,
they kept scoring goals, their heads in the game,
and although it was tough, the leaders stayed the same,
a few more subs, and Dom entered the court,
the score now 20-12 and with time running short,
1st team kept on fighting, and then poor Kim fell,
we had minutes to go until the final bell,
it was 22-13 when the final whistle blew,
a solid deserved victory, worked hard for itís true,
the first team look great, playing better each time,
with significant wins, they look in their prime,
what a season itís been with some ups and some downs,
itís so great that we end it without any frowns,
but this isnít the end - no the training starts here!
And who knows, National League might just see us next yearÖ

Match Report by Laura | Updated by Laura
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Final Score: Croydon 1 22 vs 13 Trojans 2

A Stevens

L James

Z Omar

A Withers

S Gooch

D Bradford

K Munro

K Swygart

D Aindow

K Bradford

H Robinson

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