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Croydon 2 encounter another tough fixture against Bec 2

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Final Score: Bec 2 31 vs 13 Croydon 2

D James

D Bradford

S Gooch

A Burr

N Hudspith

L Nicholls

K Swygart

L Williamson

S Withers

K Bradford

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Croydon 3 battle hard but miss out against Supernova 3 following an injury

Croydon 3 headed to Millwall on the back of a string of good results and strong performances; confidence was high and another win to maintain the recent momentum was definitely on the cards. The sections remained largely unchanged from recent weeks with Ed, Tom, Hannah and Jules making up the first attack and Ben, Craig, Dawn and Annie in first defence. The travelling Croydon support, all four of them, took positions on the sidelines.

The match began at a brisk pace with early chances at both ends. The korf was taking a beating from both teams with Ed rattling the korf on a number of occasions but the ball refused to drop. After what felt like an age with neither team taking advantage of the host of opportunities Jules put up a shot which rebounded to Hannah in a decent feed position. Tom seized on the opportunity and got around his defender, received the ball in a perfect position from Hannah and sank a runner, the first goal of the game. The goal seemed to spark everyone to life and the early lead was short-lived as Supernova hit their first goal; 1-1. The first change of ends was followed with both teams trading goals. Craig sank his first giving Croydon another lead but Supernova replied with three unanswered goals taking the score to 2-4. Annie and Dawn were spritely in attack getting in good positions and also rattling the korf on a number of occasions. Supernova were being pushed back and two quick penalties were awarded to Croydon and Ben kept his cool to sink both to level the scores at 4-4. Supernova upped their levels in attack and managed this time to score three on the bounce taking the score to 4-7. The goals scored in this period of play was the least of Croydon's worries; with the score at 4-5 Craig landed heavily on his knee causing him to sink to the floor. After a lengthy delay Craig was sidelined leaving Croydon 3 a key player down. Half time soon followed.

The team talk at half time was somewhat sombre with the prospect of playing a man down. Nevertheless Croydon had played well, created chances and were in many respects unlucky not to be closer or perhaps even ahead. The next goal would be key if any kind of comeback was to be possible. As the teams set up for the second half, everyone was shocked to see Craig donning a knee support and heading back out. Craig's dedication to the team, even whilst carrying a nasty injury, was soon rewarded as he sank the goal to bring Croydon within touching distance of Supernova, 5-7. The goal was sadly to be Craig's last action of the game and the section would have to survive a man down. Supernova quickly took advantage of their number superiority and scored again to restore their three goal lead, 5-8. Far from give up Croydon battled back and Ed's hard work was rewarded as he managed to score following good build up play from Jules, Hannah and Tom, 6-8. Dawn, Annie and Ben were fighting tooth and nail against the four players of Supernova and a third penalty from Ben took the scores to 7-8. Croydon were not just in the game, they were threatening to go on and win.

Croydon 3 were giving their all in hard circumstances, the next goal was huge. Sadly it was Supernova who managed to score taking the score to 7-9. This goal took the wind out of Croydon's sails and the enormity of the task of playing down against a strong Supernova side began to sink in. Supernova smelt blood and were merciless in their finishing scoring a staggering eight further goals without reply, 7-17. With the loss inevitable at this stage it would have been understandable for Croydon to have simply given up. But not to go down silently the final goal of the game fell to Hannah scoring a nice mid range shot, 8-17. The final whistle sounded.

Croydon 3's fine run of form has come to an end and the result aside Croydon have a lot of positives to take from their afternoon's efforts:
- Playing a man down is never easy. Playing a man down against a strong Supernova side and making a game of it was testament to the hard work of the team.
- With the teams 8v8 our defending, like in previous games, was strong. We didn't give away very much.
- There were chances galore. On another day we would have been home and dry by half time.
- The sections continue to gel showing the benefits of consistency.
- Even hopping about with one leg Craig can still score! And for his dedication to the team and willingness to drag himself back on regardless of injury was the reason for his MVP award.

Tom (Hannah contributed with tea and biscuits whilst this report was written).

Match Report by HannahR

Final Score: Supernova 3 17 vs 8 Croydon 3

B Walsh

C Stevens

E Chaney

T Raffield

H Raffield

D Aindow

A Campbell

J Johnson

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