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CKC1 stay Ice cool to secure long awaited win

A youthful* CKC1 team travelled to Norfolk to take on new opponents Norwich Ice. We were quietly confident that a win was in our hands but we didn't make it easy for ourselves.

A quick run for Ice against CKC's first defence of Kathy, Susan, Andy W and Adam S gave them the lead, but a penalty for Luke in his attacking section of Becki, Kim and Stephen drew us level. All change. 2 long goals from Susan and CKC didn't look back (in the first half only!), taking the lead to 8-5 at half time.

After the break, Alex Burr came on for Luke to make his CKC 1st team debut and he was only the pitch for a minute when he scored a fab long shot to increase our lead. Luke subbed himself back on shortly and was rewarded by another well worked goal. With our lead substantial, the boys utilised the rolling subs to rotate round. However, I'm not sure what actually happened over the next 10-15 minutes, but Ice seemed to claw their way back in to the game to level before taking the lead. A time out was called by Norwich as CKC drew another penalty. This proved to be in CKC's favour as we started to play better and once again soon regained the lead from 2 cracking shots from Luke and a super goal from Kim. We were then able to see out the rest of the game to finish 16-13 winners.

Becki had a great assist game dominating her player and feeding the rest of the section well.
Kim scored a cracker despite getting the ball in the face during the warm up and an elbow to the head in the game.
Luke scored timely throughout the game and kept his control under the post against his tall boy.
Stephen battled under the post and collected lots of loose balls.
Andy controlled the section well from the post collecting and recycling the ball well, scoring a brace for his efforts.
Adam ran lots collecting loose balls and generally being a nuisance for the oppo.
Kathy battled well against a tall girl scoring a super dooper long shot.
Susan scored a hatrick whilst trying to keep up with the pace of the game.
Alex had a fab debut in the top team scoring from range to boot.

Well done team - we battled well, kept our heads and deserved our win.

*well all except me!

Match Report by SusanW | Updated by SusanW
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Final Score: Norwich Ice 1 13 vs 16 Croydon 1

A Withers

L James

A Stevens

S Gooch

A Burr

S Wright

K Bradford

K Munro

B Pratt

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Croydon 2 secure first win of the season against Nomads

This morning saw yet another new look 2nd team, with Dom, Ed, Beccy and Kay starting in defence and Hannah, Laura, and Zu in first attack with Mark stepping up SEAMLESSLY to join the team and play his seconds debut. Just to make sure we all knew he was here he kicked things off with the first goal of the match. Boom.

We held a strong lead for the first half with some really cracking defence on show but with attack a little bit scrappy. A good old half time talk and words of wisdom from Coach Steve helped us to get our heads back in the game, reminding us all we can't attack on our own, and to make sure those passes were a lot better (as always..oops).

The 2nd half saw the same amount of energy from the 1st but with the tension stepped up as Nomads started to play a little more panicky. Feeling the pressure we made sure we kept the good work going and maintained the lead throughout. This was a solid game with some exceptional communication and a whole load of support from all players. There was also a good spread of goals despite some unfortunate missed penalties 'tut tut' - Hannah, 2016

Overall though a real corker of a game with some brilliant teamwork:
Hannah was just a goal machine
Ed was the Birthday boy and super collect
Beccy had some fab goals and won a load of pens
Kay had great movement and recycling round the post
Dom treated us to MORE spectacular goals
Zu had brilliant awareness of the game and the players in his division
Laura kept taking shots and didn't give up until 1 *finally* went in
and Mark was just superb and seemed to be there for everyone in the right place at the right time, making him MVP this week. Cracking stuff.

This was by no means an easy game - Nomads fielded a mixed team of experienced and inexperienced, young and old which kept us on our toes and working hard throughout. On the whole a brilliant game and well deserved win after a tough first 2 weeks back playing in the league.

Big shout out and thank you also to our lovely Coach Steve for coming to help us out, and our wonderful sideline supporters Helen and Ellen (THEY EVEN RHYME!)

Hard work is obviously paying off so let's keep it up for the next match!

Match Report by Laura | Updated by Laura
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Final Score: Nomads 3 11 vs 14 Croydon 2

M Wright

D Bradford

Z Omar

E Chaney

H Robinson

B Lockett

L Nicholls

K Swygart

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Croydon 4 struggle against a strong Supernova 3 side

Match report not written yet

Final Score: Supernova 3 9 vs 2 Croydon 4

B Walsh

B Burr

T Raffield

R White

C Feakins

J Galloway

H Raffield

E Sturgess

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Youth and freelance players help 5ths to second Victory

A very different look 5th team travelled to Ernest Bevan College to take on Mitcham 2.

Croydon had a returning players Martin James and Danielle Wright making their season debuts, plus the youth of Callum Elliot, Josh Carvey, and Alice Fisher. Lorna and Adam were also in attendance.

We were expecting to start with 7 players but fortunately Merry Wilkinson was at the ground, in kit, and offered to play. 8 v 8 it would be.

Callum, Martin, Lorna and Alice started in attack with Adam, Josh, Danielle and Merry in defence.

Similar to last week, Croydon started well with Lorna scoring twice and a change of ends. It was the first time any of the players in the other section had played together and to start off with it showed. A few loose passes and one shot attacks followed. Despite powerful defence Mitcham pulled themselves back into the match. 2-2.

Fortunately, Lorna and Martin were in good shooting form and the two goal lead was restored. 4-2 i think at half time.

Second half continued in similar vein to the first. The section of Adam, Josh, Danielle and Merry started to grow into the games, attacks became more structured, and sustained. Eventually, and after a lot of shooting, Adam sunk a long shot after good work on the sideline by Merry and Danielle.

Mitcham responded, but with a two goal cushion at the change over, similar to last week, Croydon didn't look back. Another Goal for Martin and a great mid range shot from Alice under pressure after a strong game in defence secured the win.

Lorna probably had the toughest game of everyone today, playing against a very competitive opponent and yet still managed to score the majority of the teams goals.

The result could have been more emphatic if Adam and Martin had sunk any of the penalties won by team mates.

Finally special thanks to Merry for playing at zero notice to ensure a full team of 8 could play.

Match Report by Ad

Final Score: Mitcham 2 3 vs 7 Croydon 5

A Champion

J Carvey

C Elliott

L MacKay-Elliott

A Fischer

D Wright

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