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Season high in competitive game against Trojans

This was one whopper of a match.

In starting attack was Andy, Steven, Kim and Hannah, with Kathy, Sarah, Zu and Nigel making up the defence side.

2 mins in and Sarah took a nasty fall. Thinking smart, we used our lovely rolling sub super Susan to come on in her place.

4-0 and Andy had had enough. Nice ping from him to get the (korf) ball rolling, followed quickly by one from Steven. 4-2 against Trojans. Wait, what? Reigning champs Trojans? I donít know what our first team had for breakfast, but whatever it was, I want some.

Few more shots from Trojans and Sarah was back on, shaking off that fall and ready to bring the fire.

There were long shots flying about left, right and centre and 4 sinking beautifully before half time from Steven (2), Hannah, Zu.

Half time score of 6 - 15 and Croydon now fully warmed up and raring to go.

Sideline support also began to get a little excited and rowdy as straight back into the 2nd half Sarah scored another lovely long shot.

Then the captain started us off on a hat trick of Croydon goals - a beauty of a runner from Kathy, and 2 more long shots from Steven and Hannah. 8-20, 9-20, 10-20. Meow.

The second half continued to be fast-paced, exciting, and downright thrilling to watch. With a beauty of a pen from Nigel, more outrageous long shots from Zu, Andy (3), Sarah and Nigel, and another great runner bean from Kathy, the game ended a very respectable and brilliant score of 18-33.

Sure Trojans got a few shots in but boy did we give them a run for their money.

One of the best games 1st team have played and one they should all be very proud of going into the end of the season. The improvement was incredible to see and almost wore me out just to watch.

And to top it all off the sun came out. Happy days.

Match Report by Laura | Updated by Laura

Final Score: Trojans 1 33 vs 18 Croydon 1

A Bovey

S Gooch

Z Omar

N Hudspith

K Bradford

H Robinson

K Munro

S Withers

S Wright

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Croydon 2 finish season with defeat to Trojans

After a great season in which Croydon 2 were already guaranteed a mid table finish, they arrived fresh faced early on Sunday morning for their final game away at Trojans 2. Lining up with Dom Bradford, Jane Hudspith, Simon Pavey and Susan Wright (first attack) alongside Annie Campbell, Ed Chaney, Laura Nicholls and Simon Mills (c) (first defence).

Trojans included a good mix of youth, experience and talent within their team and it certainly paid dividends as they took a comfortable early lead. Croydon were getting plenty of shots up, but whilst they were hitting in and around the basket, they simply couldn't find the sweet spot and shot after shot bounced out and away. After conceding 6 times to their local foes, Croydon finally registered a goal, as some fine work in the attack by Campell and Nicholls - Chaney was fouled on the runner and Mills duly despatched the resulting penalty. Further encouragement soon followed for the visitors as Nicholls escaped her strong defender and scored neatly from behind the post.

Sadly, that would be the only goals of the half for the team playing in their change strip of white and blue, with the half ending a resounding 10-2 to Trojans. Blighted only for the hosts by a nasty looking injury to one of their girls (who as luck would have it was playing one of her first games in 8 years! We wish her well).

With Croydon 2 now facing a section of 3 down the end of Bradford, Hudspith, Pavey and Wright, the 4 now had to adjust to a new system of play, which was a lot easier said than done.

It was Trojans again who continued the scoring and once again Croydon were forced to wait, this time for 3 goals, before they made their mark. With the score now sitting at 13-3, the 'white's' took on a new lease of life as they started to adapt to their opponents tactics. With goals from Wright, Chaney (2), Pavey, Bradford and futher efforts from Nicholls and Mills (2), they were gaining a much better share of the scoring action. Sadly while Croydon 2 increased their tally by 8, they shipped another 8 themselves and by the full time whistle found themselves on the wrong end of a 21-10 scoreline.

While the result at the end of this season was disappointing for the 2nds, their final position (regardless of what happens elsewhere) will be seen as a fine success, finishing well away from the wrong end of the table as they did last year. The blend of new players and old has worked a treat as demonstrated by Nicholls putting in another MVP performance.

Finally, as captain, I would like to add my personal thanks and congratulations to all who have played for Croydon 2 this year, have a lovely summer!

Match Report by Simon | Updated by SusanW
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Final Score: Trojans 2 21 vs 10 Croydon 2

S Mills

E Chaney

D Bradford

S Pavey

L Nicholls

S Wright

A Campbell

J Hudspith

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Late Highbury surge too much for Croydon 3

First Attack: Andy, Steve, Hannah, Jules
First Defence: Adam, Craig, Vicky, Zoe

The game got off to a lightning start with a goal inside the first 3 seconds. Andy took the throw off passing in to Hannah who returned the ball to Andy before running around her girl for a straight forward runner. 1-0 Croydon! Croydon maintained the early pressure and Steve managed to convert 2m shot to mark the first change of ends.

In the early stages Croydon were dominant and could have extended their lead but instead missed a free pass to leave the score at 2-0. Highbury slowly edged their way into the game and pulled a goal back with a quick runner. 2-1. The next two goals belonged to Croydon as Adam bagged his first long shot of the match following a diagonal pass across the section and behind the post. Steve then added to this with a runner of his own. 4-1 Croydon. The play was end-to-end, the movement and passing good but neither team could find the basket. However, it was soon after this that led to the the first of Highbury's surges to fight back into the game. Three goals in quick succession, a runner, free pass and long shot, led to Highbury levelling the scores at 4-4.

Croydon converted a free pass of their own with Andy sinking the ball for 5-4. Highbury responded with another long shot of their own to level the scores again at 5-5. Just before the half time whistle Adam managed to find the basket from long range for his second goal of the afternoon. Half time: 6-5 in Croydon's favour.

The second half began scrappily with neither side dominating the play. Highbury were first to find the basket with a long shot and soon after Croydon thought they had scored again with a runner by Julia, but this was disallowed for cutting. 6-6 the scores at the end change. Highbury then found the upper hand in what proved the killer blow to Croydon's chances. The next three goals belonged to Highbury with a long shot, runner and then a 2m shot which must have been exceptionally close to being blown as defended. This third goal took the scores to 6-9.

Craig managed to stop the Highbury run of goals with one of his own, a long shot for 7-9. The respite was short-lived as Highbury sunk a 1m shot and quickly followed this with another short range effort for 7-11. This gap would prove too large for Croydon to close but rather than let their heads drop Croydon finished positively with Adam sinking a drop off for 8-11. Andy went millimetres from finding the basket with a runner before Craig was given a chance from the penalty spot, which he confidently scored from. 9-11 would be the final score in a closely fought game which really could have gone either way.


Match Report by HannahR | Updated by HannahR

Final Score: Croydon 3 9 vs 11 Highbury 3

A Stevens

S Wright

C Stevens

A Withers

H Raffield

V Goode

J Johnson

Z Shewell

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