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Confident win over Mitcham for Croydon 2

Croydon 2 headed to local venue Trinity School for the early game against Mitcham 1. Today was to be Marc's last game of the season for Croydon (hold back the tears), so he decided to sign out in style scoring 7 and taking the MVP prize too (what a lad!). Croydon made a confident start with Simon, Dom, Jane and Laura in first attack and Marc, Ed, Annie and Ren in first defence. Before we knew it Croydon were 7-1 ahead and never really looked back from then on.

After Colin's team talk at half time, Croydon carried on putting up the shots (some were on target too!!) and we managed to maintain the lead we had (thankfully), eventually winning 18-7. Dom thought he had made it 19-7 at the end of the game but his shot from just inside the Croydon half was disallowed (probably correctly) as the ref said he had started to blow his whistle before the shot was released, so Dom settled for 5 goals for the game.
It was a new look team with Dom coming in from the 3rds and Jane filling in for Anna (who still made a cameo near the end), but the sections worked hard in defence and got the job done.
Thanks to Anna for subbing and Adam for getting there to be able to sub on during the 2nd half for the last few minutes.

A bit better accuracy with the shots (we took soo many shots and missed a few sitters!) and we could be quite a team (Colin almost gave us a compliment for the way we were playing at half time, so we must have been doing alright!).

Well done all and hope Japan treats you well Marc!!

On to the next game where hopefully the momentum can be carried over.

Match Report by Simon | Updated by Anna

Final Score: Mitcham 1 7 vs 18 Croydon 2

M Brazzill

D Bradford

S Mills

E Chaney

A Stevens

J Hudspith

L Nicholls

L Williamson

A Campbell

A Jeanes

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Croydon 4 steal the show against Bromley 2

Croydon 4 took on the youth of Bromley 2 at Trinity school, and showed what experience can do!

Craig started the ball rolling, well actually he started by taking about 5 minutes to adjust the post position before he took his penalty. Apparently it wouldn't have gone in if he hadn't made those careful adjustments, or checked so carefully where exactly he had to stand to take the shot.

But it did go in, and so Croydon were in the lead.

Craig then scored again. Peach of a runner.

So it was all change ends and Bryan decided that if Craig could score two goals on the trot, then so could he. And he did. 4-0 to Croydon and change ends again.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking, from the score sheet so far, that there were only two players on the pitch, but that is so far from the truth. The other players had to work their socks off, defending, intercepting, feeding, collecting, providing all that moral and spiritual support on the pitch. Well, it paid off, Craig scored again ...

By this time, it appeared that Brian was getting a little fed up with waiting for Craig to score all the goals, so I think he must have had a word with the opposition, who scored a goal so that the ends could change, and guess what??? Bryan went up the other end and scored.

So, for those of you who have kept up so far, that's 6-1 to Croydon 4 (3 each for Craig and Bryan).

Bromley tried a new tactic in attack, getting their strong youngster to dominate the post, while their girls tried to run our girls. But they thought without the experience of the this Croydon team, who simply dropped off, and picked up the rebounds. Sweet.

Did I mention that Bryan scored the next goal?? Well he did! (Bryan 4, Craig 3) Come on boys it's a team game, let some of the other hard working players in on the scoring?!

The next goal, was a perfect example of a classic shot from a superb player. And it wasn't from either Bryan or Craig this time.

The player waited while all the other players ran around, passing and shooting and collecting, and doing their stuff, she watched the ball drop into the feed, and then, without so much as a passing glimpse at her opponent, she ran all of 2 metres towards the post, got the ball, lifted it elegantly in a stylish running in shot, and scooorrrreeed. (That was Lorna for those of you who didn't guess from my wonderful description.) She wasn't even chatting to her opponent at the time!

Well, Craig wasn't putting up with that, he was on a mission; to score more than he had ever scored before (well that probably wasn't his mission before the match, or even during it, but it sounds quite good now) and so the delightful Craig slotted home another goal (a runner in case you were wondering).

Bromley scored a couple of goals at this point, but can you guess what happened next???

Well, up popped Craig to slot another one home.

Before he could score again, Bromley scored, so it was the wonderful Bryan's turn and he obliged by popping in the last goal of the match.

It might not sound it, but it really was a team effort, the players worked hard for each other, Mark was all over the pitch, Charlotte was out-collecting her girl, Vicky had the measure of her super-fast player, Lorna fed, collected, fed, collected, Hannah was so so unlucky not to score, she put up more shots that I have ever seen her do, and they were all good shots (one handed of course, but still going to close!!), Tom was defending as if his girlfriend's life depended on it (!!) and was showing everyone how to catch the ball whilst turning to be in the ideal position to shoot. It really was a masterclass from him, and he should be converting that skill into goals really really soon.

ps. If you want a sensible match report, you might want to get someone else to write down the scores next time!!!!

Match Report by Anna | Updated by Anna

Final Score: Bromley 2 4 vs 11 Croydon 4

B Burr

C Stevens

T Raffield

M Wright

L MacKay-Elliott

C Feakins

V Goode

H Raffield

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Excellent Croydon 5 too good for Mitcham

Croydon 5 travelled to the well hidden Graveney School sports centre to play Mitcham 2. The summary of this game is simple, a complete team performance with the end result reflecting the work put in.

Croydon set up with Neville, Paul, Kathy and Alice in attack and Jon, Adam, Dawn and Jade in defence. My memory of who scored what and when is slightly hazy, but here goes:

The attack moved the ball well for the first few attacks, taking good shots and recycling the ball well. Mitcham were being stretched, and Paul found himself in space about 6 meters out. Goal. Another good attack and it was 2-0. A running in shot for Kathy, I believe.

Change of ends, but not in fortunes. Three quick attacks for Croydon and two goals. A sharp running in shot from Dawn and a well worked goal from Jon. 4-0.

Change again. Paul again demonstrated the strength of his long shot sinking one from just inside the attacking half and the Alice, finding herself in space similar to Paulís first, scored a lovely long shot for her 1st of the game, and I believe her Croydon career! 6-0 Croydon after no more than 15 minutes.

Whilst this might sound like a one sided affair, it was not. Mitcham were attacking well and both sections had to work hard to limit shots, feeds and fight for rebounds. Eventually, Mitcham did get the break through, scoring their first and then their second goal of the half. 6-2 at half time.

Half time gave everyone a moment to reflect on the quality of the place and come to a clear message. Keep the concentration high in defence and carry on as we are in attack. In other words, donít let Mitcham back into the game when it came to the scoreboard.

And this we did. Neville scored shortly after the break, to extend the lead to 7-2 before the next two goals were shared by the teams. Kathy, I think, scoring for Croydon. Then Croydon went up a gear. Alice and Neville scoring their second goals before Dawn scored a brace of her own. No chance Alice was going to outscore her mum today! 12-2 and the game was completely out of Mitchamís reach.

That did not stop the effort from Mitcham though. Croydon were still working hard to contain some good movement and eventually a Mitcham player scored a long shot. Neville replied with his second and again the sides swapped. Now it was Jadeís turn to get on the score sheet. Good movement pulled the Mitcham players about and Jade received the ball about 4 meters out right in front of the post. Despite strong pressure from the defender, Jade managed to get the shot up before she would have been defended and the shot dropped straight in. 3 goals in two games for Jade.

The final goal for Croydon rightly came from Jon who had tormented his defender all match. Another well worked move with a number of passes, a good feed and collect being established allowed Jon to fake a runner, veer and drop in a lovely shot from about 4 meters.

Throughout Adam lent encouragement and tactical expertise, deliberately forgoing his shots to allow others to have a go. And then he wrote a brilliant match report and washed the shirts....oh no, that was after the game!

A great game to play in, Croydon worked brilliantly to shut Mitchamís attack down and create a number of chances of their own. 14 goals was a good return on the day but it could easily have been more. Also worth highlighting the spirit the game was played. It was played at a good intensity but was clean and fair. I can only remember two free passes in the entire match which is a testament to both clubs.

Match Report by Ad | Updated by JonD

Final Score: Mitcham 2 3 vs 14 Croydon 5

N Barretto

J Dean

P Westbury

A Champion

D Aindow

K Bradford

A Fischer

J Arnold

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Swans missed chances cost them against Bromley

The Swans travelled to Trinity to play the leaders of the league Bromley 1 for the first time this season. Having played Bromley in friendlies previously, the Swans were prepared for an energetic and competitive game. With Anna and Adam kindly stepping into the team, the sections were mixed up; first attack was Jeanes, Stevens, Smith and Galloway and in defence was Walsh, White, Green and Sturgess.

The Swans started well in attack with the experience of Jeanes helping to control the section. Bromley opened the scoring, however Jeanes quickly responded by effortlessly scoring from 4m to make it 1-1. Swans continued to compete by creating space and shooting opportunities, but the ball was just not going in! Bromley were similarly creating lots of opportunities and managed to dominate the first half, 7-1.

The half time talk focused on relaxing with our shooting and continuing to mix up the positions in attack.

As the second half began, Bromley returned with vigour and scored 2 more goals. However, the Swans comeback was in sight when Smith scored a lovely 4m shot and a running in shot, that was unfortunately disallowed. As the sections switched, the fight was still on as the Swans were battling for every loose ball and determined to keep the ball in play (even though some decisions went against us). White, having created lots of chances,found his range and scored a confident 4m shot to bring the score to 8-3. Unfortunately, Bromley continued to extend their lead to ensure that the Swans were no longer within touching distance.

The final Swans' goal came from Walsh, who was being dominated by the leading scorer Drew but managed to score a nifty one metre shot at the post after a quick pass in from White.

The Swans improved second half performance was not enough and the game finished 15-4. A valiant effort from everyone in the team, showing great tenacity and never giving up, however, we just couldnít convert the chances created. Special thanks to Anna for making her Swans debut and to Adam for always battling against his very experienced opponent. We look forward to playing Bromley for the return leg in two weeks!

Match Report by Emma
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Final Score: Bromley 1 15 vs 4 Croydon Swans

J Smith

B Walsh

R White

A Stevens

A Jeanes

J Galloway

J Green

E Sturgess

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