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Bec 2 much for Croydon 2

Croydon 2 squared up with title contenders Bec 2 early on Sunday over in Tooting for their first fixture of the 2015/16 season. Some familiar faces as well as new ones lined up together in a team consisting of Simon Mills (c), Beckie Pratt, Adam Stevens and Sarah Withers in first attack, while Mark Brazzill, Nigel Hudspith, Hannah Robinson and Ren Williamson took defensive duties.

Playing a new style of Korfball attacking korfball was the winner early on as both teams defences took some time to get to grip with a return to Korfing, which allowed for a high scoring first half in which no less than 25 goals were scored. Unfortunately for Croydon it was Bec who were doing more of the scoring and despite Mills early leveler at 1-1, the team soon found themselves well behind and by the time Hudspith has made his mark the blues were 6-2 down.

A brief fight back of sorts saw Mills add two more to his total and Brazzill opened his account for his new club as Croydon brought the score back to 9-5. However it was not meant to be the visitorís day and with Bec coach Buckland calling a time out, the home side regrouped and went on the rampage scoring 9 goals with only a long range Hudpsith effort in reply. Even a smart running in shot from Withers just before the whistle did little to soften a painful 11 goal deficit with the score reading 18-7 at half time.

Croydon refocused during the break with instructions to get their shots from closer in and to forget the score line the team set out with a fresh attitude as well as a fresh face as Susan Wright entered the game in place of Beckie Pratt.

The second half was a massive improvement on the first at Bec found it much tougher in attack especially up Wright's end as she intercepted numerous passes from/to her opponent. Croydon were also having a much better time offensively putting up numerous shots and sank 3 of the first 5 baskets with another Brazzill medium shot followed by 2 more from Mills, a penalty brilliantly won by Withers and a familiar drop off effort. Bec again called a time out and at some point during proceedings Williamson, on her Croydon debut, exited the field feeling the affects of a ball to the head and was replaced by another debutant Laura Nicholls.

Bec went a mini rampage and before Croydon knew it they had put away 4 more without answer before Brazzill completed his first hat trick for the club. Further goals from Mills (his 6th) and Hudspith (completing his own hat trick) restored a better balance to the half and despite 3 more from Bec, Nicholls also scored her first in Croydon colours before the final whistle had sounded.

The final score stood at a hefty 29-14 defeat but the blues will do well to remember a vast improvement in the second half which was far more competitive (10-7) and a better reflection of their ability to challenge tough opposition for the rest of the year. With 14 goals the seconds are certainly not shy of scoring but conceding 29, demonstrated the need for far more pressure at the other end of the pitch.

Match Report by Simon
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Final Score: Bec 2 29 vs 14 Croydon 2

S Mills

M Brazzill

N Hudspith

A Stevens

S Withers

H Robinson

L Williamson

B Pratt

S Wright

L Nicholls

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Solid first game of the new season for Croydon 5!

Match report not written yet

Final Score: Supernova 4 5 vs 13 Croydon 5

M James

T Raffield

C Stevens

P Aish

H Raffield

S Hole

J Johnson

Z Shewell

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Swans debutants shine at Supernova!

It was a tough start to the new season for the Swans as not only are they now playing a level above but they also had 3 debutants in the team that headed to Supernova! Bannister had only one friendly under his belt, Tappin has so far only been to one training session and Flood had never seen a Korfball until 45 minutes before the game!

Given the lack of experience in the side Walsh changed the sections from the norm and started with himself, White, Kelly and Flood in first attack with Smith, Bannister, Sturgess and Tappin first defence! Supernova were first to strike as one of their boys found the korf from 7 metres. Soon after Walsh levelled things with a finish from 4 metres. Sections changed before one of the Nova girls scored a runner shortly followed by a trademark one hander from 6 metres to open Smith's account for the 2015/16 season. The remainder of the first half was a fairly cagey affair with Nova missing chances at one end and skipper White's section squandering three free passes.

At 2-2 Walsh's half time team talk was pretty simple. Despite being far less experienced the energy and determination of the Swans players was what was keeping them in the game. Walsh urged the team to continue to fight for every ball. Which is exactly what they did!

Once again Supernova took the lead but once again Swans pegged them back this time with a well executed shot from White. Supernova then took the lead for a 4th time but a well crafted runner from Sturgess levelled things at 4-4. The shooting was pretty hopeless at both ends for large parts of the second half so when Supernova put their 5th goal away the home crowd cheered as though it was the winner, however, Swans never say die attitude once again shone through as they equalised for the 5th and final time to end the game 5-5.

While it was a scrappy affair with numerous chances wasted there were some individual performances worthy of much praise. Bannister worked incredibly hard to keep a quick opponent quiet and Smith took up some great feed and collect positions. Sturgess supported her female partner on debut brilliantly and Tappin in turn battled throughout despite picking up an injury to her thumb early in the game. Flood did a great job keeping a more experienced opponent quiet and Kelly rose to the challenge of being the more experienced girl in the section. White's fitness was commendable as he finished the game with a series of important interceptions. Walsh had a difficult time on the pitch however can be pleased with his tactical decisions! A well earned draw means the Swans remain unbeaten in 2015.

Match Report by Ben
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Final Score: Supernova 3 5 vs 5 Croydon Swans

B Walsh

J Smith

R White

H Bannister

E Sturgess

L Kelly

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