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Croydon's champagne season continues with win over Supernova

Croydon blooded some youngsters in the final game of 2014 with Adam Stephens and Stephen Gooch in for Nigel Hudspith and Luke James respectively and Susan Wright returned from a long lay off. Despite a somewhat lacklustre warm-up Croydon came out of the traps flying with 4 goals inside 4 minutes with Pratt, Wright and Stimpson scoring and winning a penalty. Supernova called a time-out at 5-2 after a goal from Driver as Croydon threatened to run away with it.

Pratt had his scoring boots on all game but it was the youngsters who also found the basket along with 2 more from Wright but to be fair to Supernova they stayed in the game and led a slight comeback towards the end of the half leaving the scores 12-8 at the break. Ever faithful to her faith-healer Wright subbed herself at this point and old-timer Jeanes stepped back onto court having starred in the 2nd team win earlier in the day. Supernova's mini-revival continued and they pulled back to within 3 at 13-10 but Pratt then went on a run of his own with 3 goals around the basket to stretch out a 17-12 lead. Jeanes scored a peach from long range before Gooch's player punished him for some bad positioning around the post but a buzzer beater from Stimpson settled any lingering nerves for the hosts and it was left to Pratt to put the icing on the cake with the last 2 goals to leave the final score 22-16.

All in all, a great, controlled win for the hosts with the plus being the 2 youngsters who played well, got on the scoresheet and didn't look out of place at all at this level. Croydon are sitting pretty in the LRL, currently in 2nd place having played a game less than leaders Trojans 2 but with a mighty +69 goal difference. Merry Christmas

Match Report by Andy | Updated by Andy
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Final Score: Croydon 1 22 vs 16 Supernova 1

D Pratt

S Gooch

A Withers

A Stevens

G Codd

H Robinson

K Bradford

S Wright

A Jeanes

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Croydon 2 beat Mitcham 1 in a thriller at the Royal Russell Superdome

Despite some excellent performances this season including a hard fought defeat the previous week to a
Bec team who was expected to be far higher up the league this season, Croydon came into this game needing a win to push away from the relegation zone.

An experienced team began with captain Simon Mills, Lorna Elliot, Zu Munshi and Sarah Withers in defence; while Annie Campbell, Vernon Ellis, Nigel Hudspith and Anna Jeanes went into first attack.

Croydon started brightly and took an early lead with Hudpsith scoring in an almost perfect attack sinking a long range effort literally 25 seconds in with the shot clock buzzing as his effort rattled through the basket. Things only got better for the blues as they soon established a solid lead building on Hudspith's opener with 3 more baskets to take the score to 4-0. Mitcham started to come back into the game it's a goal of their own but it was the home side who were able to keep up their dominance and with the team defending well while putting away plenty of their chances they looked comfortable at the half time whistle maintaining their 4 goal lead, Croydon 11-7 Mitcham.

In the second half the pace of goals slowed initially but after a goal for the visitors it was Croydon who put their foot back on the accelerator putting away 4 baskets without reply. A single effort from the greens interrupted the blues scoring before the blues scored another 4 on the trot. With the score reading 19-9 heading into the final few minutes the result was already beyond doubt, there was just enough time for Mitcham to score one more and Croydon to score two more. Final score 21-10.

A fine performance from Croydon 2 who did well restricting Mitcham to just 3 goals in the second half without letting up on their own shooting with 10 of their own. Ellis put in a fine performance, Jeanes assisting was to thank for innumerable goals while Hudspith, Munshi, Mills and Withers put away plenty of their chances. Annie Campbell put in an MVP performance just a couple of games into featuring for the 2nds on a regular basis scoring 3 goals in the process.

Match Report by Simon | Updated by Simon
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Final Score: Croydon 2 21 vs 10 Mitcham 1

N Hudspith

V Ellis

Z Omar

S Mills

S Withers

A Campbell

A Jeanes

L MacKay-Elliott

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Croydon 3 poor shooting leads to Supernova defeat

Croydon 3 started the game with a full team of eight players-woooooooooo. First attack was Dom, Kerry, Alex and Charlotte. First defence of Martin, Mark, Vicki and Julie. First exchanges were pretty even, Dom opened the scoring with a cheeky four metre shot before supernova equalled the score at 1-1, Martin (can't remember the shot-sorry) and a Mark runner added goals before half time but Supernova shaded it 4-3 at the half time whistle.

Half time talk was one of frustration as Croydon had the majority of the shots but had a poor conversion rate. Unfortunately the second half had a similar tone to it with Croydon having more shots, but failing to convert them. Dom added a second from 6 metres and Martin soon followed suit from similar range but that was it for Croydon. Alex missed a late penalty but it had little effect on a frustrating result for a Croydon 3 side who dominated the shooting statistics.

An unfortunate end to an otherwise encouraging year for the 3rds. But with better shooting the 3rds should enjoy a profitable 2015.
Merry Christmas all and see you in the new year. Well done

Oh what joy I went to write something and the above popped up! fabulous! from what I saw you played well and any frustrations were held in. Martin I hope your face is ok after the post contact or maybe the rollover is worse, Julie I missed yours so another for 2015 please.

Everyone enjoy the break and get ready to play Jan 4th as all teams have games x

Match Report by Kathy | Updated by Andy
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Final Score: Croydon 3 5 vs 8 Supernova 2

D Bradford

M James

M Wright

A Burr

K Akif

C Feakins

V Goode

J Green

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Highbury 3 dominate Croydon 4

Both in team name and in players, Highbury had the height always to give Croydon 4 problems in collect. The match started with Jon, Paul and two completely new players Charlotte and Laura (who I hope enjoyed themselves and will play again) in first attack and Craig, David, Laura L and Emily in defence.
Highbury set the tone of the match sinking 4 goals quickly giving Croydon little time to settle but eventually the 4's began to fight with Jon, Paul, Laura and Charlotte battling hard to get in position to shoot but with Highbury height and pressure the chances were all to few and again the height being an advantage in attack Highbury sunk two more goals so 6-0. With a change in sections and again Croydon attack, now David, Craig, Emily and Laura L. having problems with a lack of height for collections David resorted to a very long shot which sailed over the korf into the hands of Craig with a drop off directly behind the korf with an uncontested shot score Croydon's 1st. Liking the look of this Craig consulted with David and after a short period David again took a planned over shoot for another Craig drop off uncontested shot behind and scored. Whhoo hoo! 6-2. Half time came and went with words of wisdom from Jon. The second half was all Highbury scoring but having said that Croydon 4's vastly improved their recycling and work rate, making more opportunities, and creating more space. Unfortunately Laura from Jon's section suffered an injury which took her out of the game. In the other section Emily took a not too gentle elbow to the head and face from a dropping David and it is for this as well as the hard work around the korf that Emily gets the MVP and my gratitude and apologies. Once again in my mind most if not all should be getting MVP for what was always going to be a nigh on impossible position.

Once again many thanks to all those that have played, coached and helped put the teams together on weeks that I only had dome and gloom for, the support from everyone in the club is what makes CKC what it is and long may it continue.

May all have a great Christmas and New Year and just a spoiling note for the 4th Team please don't over do it as we have our most important match on the 4th of January so please make sure that there are no injuries or if there are, excess alcohol is use to numb the pain!!!

Match Report by David | Updated by Simon

Final Score: Croydon 4 2 vs 12 Highbury 3

C Stevens

J Dean

D Hughes

P Westbury

E Dean

L Lambird

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Croydon 5 wrap up 2014 with an emphatic 15-7 victory

With both teams fielding several new players (we were playing three first-time novices), it could have been anyone's game.
However, straight from the first whistle, the 5ths showed just how well we could play together, and we dominated the first half almost completely.
In attack, both sections moved the ball around very well, and in defence we kept Mitcham extremely well contained.
Even with three novice players, once the scoring started, it looked like we wouldn't be stopped. Almost with her first touch, in her first ever Korfball match, Charlotte opened the scoring for Croydon with only a few seconds of the game having been played. The first spell of the match was all Croydon's, with five more goals being scored (2 each from Bryan and Pete and 1 from Kay) before Mitcham could muster a single goal in reply, and that only from a free-pass.
Croydon then continued the assault with a further three goals (from Pete, Adam and Bryan), followed by another Mitcham goal just before half time, at which point the score was 9-2 in our favour.
The second half started in the same vein, with with both sections continuing to play well and Ellen finally managing to get on the scoresheet, having had a number of missed efforts in the first half. Having found the target once, she continued to increase her tally by scoring another three goals, which along with a goal each from Adam and Bryan brought Croydon's tally to 15.
Mitcham found their feet a little in the second half, eventually managing to score five more goals, but it was too little, far too late. The final 15-7 scoreline was a resounding victory for the 5ths, and a great way to end the year.
I'd like to thanks everyone who has played for the 5ths so far this season. We have had some great games, and hopefully 2015 will continue as 2014 has finished.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

Match Report by Bryan
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Final Score: Croydon 5 15 vs 7 Mitcham 3

B Burr

P Lindsey

A Champion

A James

E Swygart

K Swygart

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