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Croydon dominate in the 2nd half but can't overhaul KV

Croydon hosted KV in the last EKL match before Christmas. After their good performance against Nomads, Croydon made 2 changes with Vernon Ellis being replaced by Nigel Hudspith and Hannah Driver coming in for Chelsie Browne.

Croydon got off to a poor start with Withers and Clarke frankly making a mess of the rebound defence against the experienced KV attack and before many minutes were on the clock KV had raced to a 1-6 lead with James Woolmer looking deadly from distance. Croydon called a time-out and battled back with goals from Clarke and Luke James but with the scores at 7-17 at half time it wasn't looking good for the hosts.

Croydon weren't done yet though and little by little they got back into the game. James kept finding the basket, Codd stole some under the basket and Clarke converted some long shots and penalties and the tide felt like it was turning. Withers had been having a great battle under the post in the first half with his opponent and so it continued with the KV player's temper rising in line with his constant appeals to the referee, most of which were in vain. Croydon smiled on as the goals kept going in with some sections on nice play.

However, after the first half score line the clock was always going to be against the hosts and, in truth, Croydon never looked like overhauling the visitors but will be pleased with the net 5 goal comeback and plenty to work on in the new year

Match Report by Andy | Updated by Jane
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Final Score: Croydon 1 18 vs 23 KV Korfball 1

T Clarke

L James

N Hudspith

A Withers

G Codd

J Hudspith

H Robinson

S Wright

B Pratt

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Croydon 3 take the broom to Bromley

I was concerned about this game as we only beat Bromley by 1 goal in the previous game, and it was tight throughout that game! we also had Hannah and Paul J missing but had Anna and Dom to replace them, what would happen....

The attacking 'a' section were the A's of Adam, Anna, Annie and Dom (he refused to change his name) leaving defence as Keri, Martin, Stephen and myself. We started well and continued well as we went 6-0 up?! not sure on goal scorers but do believe it was Dom who started the goal festival with a neat under the post shot. Bromley then woke up but missed their awarded penalty, Martin scored him leaving the half time the score as 8 - 4.

Team talk was to carry on, poor Dom and Adam had to work hard as their boys had most of the passes but they decided as a section of 4 they knew what to do and how to handle the second half. My section was to relax with passes, shot selection and not get into others space. Martin was concerned about his ankle, I pointed out we had Ross and a towel (Craig had been sitting where the towel was) to come on if needed but Martin was fine! was he ever! Our final words pre the Croydon shout - we're not safe yet, how wrong we were....

I don't know what happened in the second half, is it all about being relaxed? Martin was all over and his shots going in either a long, runner even one of those cheeky run in bottom out shots (his guy then did the same) I do believe Martin has now scored 100 goals which was his target. Annie after scoring just didn't miss, Adam was calm and collected and scored a penalty, Stephen scored long shot and runner, Dom was to the left to the right and yep into the basket, Anna and I are super assists and make the ball go round leaving Keri as the interceptor! final score 21 to CKC3 and 9 to Bromley. I so didn't see that happening! I also didn't realise Keri hadn't scored or else it would've been focus on her. Martin kindly offered to give her one of his goals and someone has added a goal to their count but for a total of 21 I'm letting go of one of my running in shots

Thanks to everyone for supporting and wow, I was worried about the game but look at the score? I should fret more often...


Match Report by Lorna | Updated by Anna
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Final Score: Croydon 3 21 vs 9 Bromley 1

M James

D Bradford

S Gooch

A Stevens

A Campbell

A Jeanes

L MacKay-Elliott

K Akif

Submitted by Lorna | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 4 almost pay the penalty

Sections were Sarah, Charlotte, Kieron and Phil in first attack leaving David, Craig, Kathy and new sister Emily in first defence. Things started badly with Supernova slipping in an easy goal within the first few seconds but Sarah responded almost immediately with one of her own. Craig then went close with a runner but followed this up with a missed penalty. Meanwhile Nova were sinking some good shots from medium distance to pull away to 4-1 before Phil peggged one back. Just before half time Nova scored again giving Croydon a bit of a mountain to climb in the second half being 5-2 down. With several newish players in the team Croydon could not be faulted for their effort but were a bit lacking tactically There was also some very physical play from Craig's opponent which attracted some stern words from the referee. Supernova, it has to be said, marked Croydon out when we were in attack with fewer shots going up than normal and only sometimes was the ball collected and recycled.

With the second half looming, Jon gave some good advice to all, and there was a sense of determination as we came out for the 2nd half. Nonetheless three more penalties were missed and the guilty parties were all at training last Thursday when we concentrated on....penalties! Why is it so easy in training but so difficult in a match? In open play Kathy slotted one from 3m (which Nova matched at the other end) before Phil did score with a penalty (whoooop). Then David spun in the air like a twister and Kathy easily beat her player with a runner to level the scores at 6 all. With the clock ticking down every player played above and beyond, fighting for each and every ball. Supernova were now beginning to rush their shots and were not being as positive in attack or defence. They also started to query the refs decisions which is never a good idea. Croydon took advantage and were now recycling better and Sarah and Charlotte set up a strategy which worked superbly as Charlotte pivoted to find herself completely free, shot and scored to make the final score 7-6. Just think how comfortable it would have been if we had sunk those penalties but it was nice not to have to rely upon them.

Well played everyone especially Emily who came along and made her mark rushing around all over and finding space for a few shots(chip off the old block Jon).

Maybe for a future training session switching players might be a good topic as David and Craig at one point got themselves confused with which player they had switched to but sometimes it looked as though the opposition were too.

Match Report by David | Updated by JonD

Final Score: Croydon 4 7 vs 6 Supernova 4

P Aish

D Hughes

K Gilbert

C Stevens

K Bradford

C Feakins

S Hole

E Dean

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Not easy on the eye but Swans top the charts at Christmas

The Swans welcomed Mitcham to Royal Russell in what would be their last game before the Christmas break. With both teams occupying spots in the top three of the league this had all the hallmarks of a classic. Looking to avenge a defeat earlier in the season, the Swans were forced into two changes from the previous weeks starting line up as Georgie and Macca both MIA for the day were replaced by the evergreen Timbo for his season debut and Sturge who was welcomed back after a well deserved rest.

Mitcham a girl short for the day set up with a mix of experience and enthusiasm and this soon paid dividends as they drew first blood, Sanchez the scorer from 5 metres. However first attack of Ben, Timbo, Wends and Jess were creating chances and soon pulled the Swans level, a nice interchange between the four saw Ben find a small pocket of space 2 metres out and the leagues top scorer made no mistake 1-1. The game had begun at a startling pace and at times was very disjointed and scrappy. The four of Rog, Joe, Sturge and Joce we're finding it hard to get into their normal attacking stride against only three and Mitcham we're defending well against the continued presence of Joce in the feed. After a word from the sideline Rog finally got inside his man and Joce delayed the feed perfectly to allow the simplest of runners for the skipper 2-1 Swans. Just before the break Mitcham equalised through their own top scorer Martin who's movements in attack were a constant threat to the Swans, half time 2-2.

The Swans coach from the sidelines for the afternoon Jones encouraged the team to continue pressing Mitcham in defence but also to simplify things in attack, pass and move were the key words and the Swans took to the pitch knowing a solid second half performance would see them enter the Christmas break level on points with their closest rivals. Mitcham started the second half brightly but the three in attack we're getting little change as Joce was keeping her girl quiet and Sturge was taking up great positions blocking the feed and runner and also winning collects. This enabled the attack to really pile on the pressure and after a series of recycled shots by the impressive Timbo, Ben slipped his man and dropped in another 2 metre effort 3-2 Swans. Soon after it was four as Ben completed his hat trick, Wends standing strong in the feed found Ben who seeing the runner wasn't on, rocked back to find the basket and extend the lead 4-2 Swans. Linds then replaced Jess who'd worked hard all game against an experienced and quality opponent. With a tactic fresh in their mind from Jones the Swans further extended their lead as Ben found Joce in the feed from his own half, she in turn found White who had out paced his man from the halfway line to take full advantage of the direct play from Ben, to score his second runner of the day, 5-2 Swans. The same play almost brought the Swans sixth goal as White again went round his man this time only to be sent tumbling as his defender cut across him. Sturge took the penalty honours but couldn't find the basket which would have extended her lead as top female scorer in the league. However the Swans didn't have to wait long for their sixth goal as Joce completed a hat trick of feeds this time waiting a pass perfectly to Joe who made no mistake with his trademark one handed lay up 6-2. There was just enough time for Mitcham to get a consolation through Kamminga. However there wasn't going to be a comeback and the Swans held on to secure the victory.

Although not at their most fluent the Swans worked hard and can take a lot of pride from a victory against one of the stronger teams in the league. MVP went to Timbo, who dominated his man in the collect, a fantastic debut against tough opposition. Thanks must go to Steve Jones for his support and guidance from the touch line, and also Simon Mills for reffing. Merry Christmas to all at Croydon from the Swans, we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.

Match Report by Roger

Final Score: Croydon Swans 6 vs 3 Mitcham 2

B Walsh

R White

J Smith

T Shephard

J Galloway

E Sturgess

W White

J Green

Submitted by Ben | Scoring Breakdown |
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