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Croydon 3 start with narrow defeat despite late comeback

Croydon 3 started the season with only 7 players with Sarah H, Pete and Martin in first attack and Julia, Dom, Beccy and Human in defense. Croydon started very slowly and found themselves up against itin the first half, but still managed to somehow only trail 4-2 at half time, with Martin and Human getting the goals.
The second half started poorly too and Croydon soon found themselves 7-2 down. Then came the changes in tactics (probably too late), Dom was told to shoot, and shoot he did getting two long shots, with Sarah and Pete also adding to the tally Croydon found themelselves at 7-6.
Then Bec scored a fortunate long shot and despite a final long shot from Dom the seconds ticked away and Croydon suffered a narrow defeat.
It was a good workout with some positive displays (Martin looking fresh even though he hadn't played for 3.5 months!). But in the end some tactical mistakes cost Croydon the points-a lesson learned! Well played though 3rd team

Match Report by Kathy

Final Score: Bec 4 8 vs 7 Croydon 3

D Bradford

M James

P Lindsey

H Van der Merwe

S Hole

J Johnson

B Lockett

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Magnificent six(!) ride into new season

Croydon 4 started their new season against a very youthful Bromley side last Sunday at Langley Park.
Starting with only six players,Jon, Beccy and Charlotte were in defence with Phil, David and Hannah in attack.
Given the fact that we were short on numbers and long in years it came as a complete surprise to go one, two and then even three nil up. Phil had potted a couple from mid range. However, Bromley were getting their range and pegged us back but at half time the score was still 6-4 in our favour.
This was very hard work because Bromley started tuning in to long shots with an almost guarenteed collect at each end, but they were not defending so well. After setting up 3 running in shots for Jon, Beccy got her own in the second half and Hannah also slotted her second of the game. Meanwhile, Jon had fouled his player yet again and the score had narrowed to 10-9 from the free pass with about 5 minutes to play. Charlotte had been a good collect all game and spotting another opportunity Jon made a very flat shot but amazingly it went in, to maintain a bit of daylight til the end.
A good start to the season but we would prefer to play with 8 players and it was probably the opposition's inexperience which helped.

Match Report by JonD

Final Score: Bromley 1 9 vs 11 Croydon 4

J Dean

P Aish

D Hughes

H Robinson

B Lockett

C Feakins

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