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Croydon 1 fight back twice but Knights find a winner in injury time

Croydon travelled upto Premier League new boys, Norwich Knights, in a game that many crystal ball gazers saw as a crucial battle at the wrong end of the table. The visitors were unchanged from the opener against Mitcham while Knights featured new signings, Heather Lymburn and Steph Allen.

It was Knights who opened the scoring with a patient first attack with a middle distance shot but Croydon player-coach, Dave Butters, replied with one of his own. Tom Ellis scored a running in shot but again Croydon replied immediately with an Anna Jeanes runner to again peg the hosts back. Knights were applying a lot of pressure to the Croydon passing (too much from the Croydon captain’s perspective) and this was paying dividends. Butters swooped in for a heavily contested running in shot and somehow he got the ball up and into the basket for what would otherwise have surely been a penalty and then Lorna Elliott received a ball over the top and scored from under the post to leave the visitors 2-4 up after 10 minutes.

Croydon were defending well but Ellis and Lenton scored from the downtown and then Vogwill got himself on the score sheet and Knights were back in it. Zak Omar was fouled on a running in shot but Butters’ penalty slid out the side of the basket. Grace Stimpson made up for the error though by scoring a running in shot. Andy Withers found himself in space and scored a middle distance shot and Stimpson converted her free-pass chance but the visitors were never able to pull away and the half finished 7-all.

Knights had a huge crowd for the game who were vociferous throughout, none more so during the penalty Withers took and missed (twice) but Croydon cannot afford to not put away these simple chances. Jeanes also missed her free-pass and Knights made the most of these lapses to get ahead but Withers scored from a veer. Vogwill scored his hat-trick after a mix-up under the post and got his 4th after Jane Belfourd caught her player on a running in shot, 10-8.

Croydon weren’t done yet though and worked 2 drop-offs for Jeanes which she lapped up and silenced the crowd. Vogwill was back on the score sheet though and the hosts were 2-up again at 12-10 with only 3 minutes left. Again Croydon showed they are made of stern stuff and again it was Jeanes who brought them back into it with 2 stunning long shots to leave the sides at 12-12, 90 seconds left and a time-out to Croydon.

Croydon’s attack was a little hurried but they recycled the ball well and put up 5 good shots – 2 from distance, 2 from 5 metres and a running in shot but the ball wouldn’t fall and Knights had their chance. With 10 seconds to go they worked a chance for Vogwill in front from 8 metres. The ball fell in and the game was won.

So Knights went away with the points and Croydon made the long trek home with nothing, not even a shower from the dreary school hall. A draw was perhaps a fair result but Croydon will look to tighten up their free-passes and penalties to avoid being in that situation in the first place.

Match Report by Andy
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Final Score: Norwich Knights 1 13 vs 12 Croydon 1

D Butters

A Withers

V Ellis

Z Omar

A Jeanes

G Codd

L MacKay-Elliott

J Hudspith

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