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Klog: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Answer
What is the Klog? It's a game. Its aim is to encourage participation in korfball. Points, or klogs, are awarded for either playing korfball, socialising or contributing to the club or korfball in general
How do I score points? Points, or klogs, are awarded for various korfball-related activities, for example, playing games, scoring goals, attending training or summer tournaments, refereeing, going to a CKC social event or even attending enthralling LKA meetings! For complete details refer to this list. Points are weighted to encourage certain activities and are subject to change. Everyone starts from zero each season
What are the different ranks? As you score more points, you progress up through the ranks, initially progression will be quick but over time, it will take longer to move to the next level
What am sort of member am I? Based on your point scoring, and only as a bit of fun, the system works out what type of CKC member you are, be that a Player, a Contributor or a Socialiser, a combination of each, or a somewhat legendary, All Rounder.
Why didn't I get any points? There is a slight delay in updating the system but the most likely cause is that you attended an event and didn't say you would or you played a match but the results either haven't been entered yet or have been entered wrongly. So make sure you indicate whether you will attend each and every event. Certain people have the ability to change who attended after the event, if in doubt contact . Cheating the system will lead to points being docked, expulsion or adding to the klog hall of shame
What is the Log? The Log is a list of the latest point scorers
How do i join in?You need to Opt In You will start accummulating klogs from this point forward
How else is the data used? The subs for PAYG players is partly calculated using training and match data, and who attended training over the season is visible to all

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