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2017/18 Fixtures

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DateTimeTypeCroydon TeamOpposition TeamH/AVenue
Sun 01 Oct14:45LeagueCroydon 1Highbury 1AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 01 Oct09:45LeagueCroydon 2Supernova 1AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 01 Oct13:30LeagueCroydon 3Highbury 2AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 01 Oct10:30LeagueCroydon 4Bec 3AwayGraveney School
Sun 08 Oct09:30LeagueCroydon 4Mitcham 1AwayErnest Bevin College
Sun 15 Oct10:15LeagueCroydon 2Nomads 3AwayEpsom College
Sun 15 Oct11:30LeagueCroydon 3Nomads 4AwayEpsom College
Tue 17 Oct20:45LeagueCroydon 1Croydon 2AwayMonks Hill Sports Centre
Tue 17 Oct20:45LeagueCroydon 2Croydon 1HomeMonks Hill Sports Centre
Sun 29 Oct10:45LeagueCroydon 1Supernova 2AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 29 Oct11:15LeagueCroydon 2Trojans 2AwayTrinity School
Sun 29 Oct09:30LeagueCroydon 3Mitcham 1AwayErnest Bevin College
Sun 12 Nov15:40LeagueCroydon 1Nomads 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 12 Nov14:15LeagueCroydon 3Nomads 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 12 Nov13:00LeagueCroydon 5Highbury 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 19 Nov11:15LeagueCroydon 2Supernova 2AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 19 Nov10:15LeagueCroydon 4Highbury 3AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 19 Nov10:00LeagueCroydon 5Bec 5AwayWhitgift School
Sun 26 Nov17:15LeagueCroydon 1Bec 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 26 Nov15:40LeagueCroydon 2Nomads 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 26 Nov14:15LeagueCroydon 4Nomads 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 26 Nov13:00LeagueCroydon 5Supernova 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 03 Dec17:15LeagueCroydon 1Trojans 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 03 Dec15:40LeagueCroydon 2Bec 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 03 Dec14:15LeagueCroydon 4Supernova 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 03 Dec13:00LeagueCroydon 5Bec 5HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 10 Dec14:15LeagueCroydon 1Bromley 1AwayLangley Park SC
Sun 10 Dec13:00LeagueCroydon 3Bec 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 10 Dec11:30LeagueCroydon 4Highbury 2AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 10 Dec11:55LeagueCroydon 5Highbury 5HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 17 Dec15:40LeagueCroydon 2Bromley 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 17 Dec14:15LeagueCroydon 3Croydon 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 17 Dec14:15LeagueCroydon 4Croydon 3AwayRoyal Russell School
Sun 17 Dec13:00LeagueCroydon 5Bromley 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 07 Jan15:40LeagueCroydon 1Supernova 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 07 Jan14:15LeagueCroydon 3Highbury 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 07 Jan10:40LeagueCroydon 4Bec 4AwayErnest Bevin College
Sun 07 Jan13:00LeagueCroydon 5Trojans 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 14 Jan11:15LeagueCroydon 1Bec 2AwayRoyal Russell School
Sun 14 Jan10:00LeagueCroydon 3Bec 3AwayRoyal Russell School
Sun 14 Jan13:00LeagueCroydon 5Bromley 2AwayLangley Park SC
Sun 21 Jan16:10LeagueCroydon 1Supernova 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 21 Jan14:35LeagueCroydon 2Nomads 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 21 Jan13:10LeagueCroydon 3Bec 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 21 Jan11:55LeagueCroydon 4Highbury 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 21 Jan17:25LeagueCroydon 5Supernova 5HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 04 Feb10:15LeagueCroydon 1Trojans 2AwayTrinity School
Sun 04 Feb14:15LeagueCroydon 2Bromley 1AwayLangley Park SC
Sun 04 Feb12:00LeagueCroydon 3Supernova 3AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 04 Feb11:00LeagueCroydon 5Supernova 4AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 11 Feb17:15LeagueCroydon 1Bromley 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 11 Feb15:40LeagueCroydon 2Highbury 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 11 Feb14:15LeagueCroydon 3Croydon 4AwayRoyal Russell School
Sun 11 Feb14:15LeagueCroydon 4Croydon 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 18 Feb10:45LeagueCroydon 2Highbury 1AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 18 Feb09:00LeagueCroydon 5Trojans 3AwayTrinity School
Sun 25 Feb15:40LeagueCroydon 1Nomads 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 25 Feb11:00LeagueCroydon 3Bec 4AwayGraveney School
Sun 25 Feb14:15LeagueCroydon 4Mitcham 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 25 Feb11:30LeagueCroydon 5Highbury 4AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 04 Mar10:15LeagueCroydon 1Nomads 3AwayEpsom College
Sun 04 Mar13:00LeagueCroydon 4Nomads 4AwayEpsom College
Sun 11 Mar15:40LeagueCroydon 2Trojans 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 11 Mar14:15LeagueCroydon 3Mitcham 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 11 Mar13:00LeagueCroydon 4Bec 4HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 18 Mar09:45LeagueCroydon 1Supernova 1AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 18 Mar10:00LeagueCroydon 2Bec 2AwayWhitgift School
Sun 18 Mar11:00LeagueCroydon 4Supernova 3AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 18 Mar12:00LeagueCroydon 5Supernova 5AwayMillwall Lions Centre
Sun 25 Mar12:30LeagueCroydon 1Croydon 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 25 Mar12:30LeagueCroydon 2Croydon 1AwayRoyal Russell School
Sun 25 Mar15:30LeagueCroydon 5Bromley 3AwayLangley Park SC
Sun 08 Apr11:45LeagueCroydon 1Nomads 2AwayEpsom College
Sun 08 Apr15:40LeagueCroydon 2Supernova 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 08 Apr14:15LeagueCroydon 3Highbury 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 08 Apr13:00LeagueCroydon 4Bec 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 15 Apr12:45LeagueCroydon 2Nomads 2AwayEpsom College
Sun 15 Apr10:00LeagueCroydon 3Highbury 3AwayPetchey Academy
Sun 15 Apr12:30LeagueCroydon 5Highbury 5AwayPetchey Academy
Sat 21 Apr15:40LeagueCroydon 2Supernova 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sat 21 Apr14:15LeagueCroydon 3Supernova 3HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 29 Apr16:25LeagueCroydon 1Highbury 1HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 29 Apr15:00LeagueCroydon 4Highbury 2HomeRoyal Russell School
Sun 29 Apr13:55LeagueCroydon 5Bromley 3HomeRoyal Russell School
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