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Event: New Season social at Box Park

Date: Saturday 23 Sep 17
Start Time: 19:30
Event Type: Social
Host Club: Croydon

Notes: Our first social of the new Korfball season will be at Box Park (so lots of places to eat or just grab a drink) on Saturday 23rd September :)
Created by: HannahR | Updated by: HannahR

PlayerResponseLast Updated
KathyAccepted11 Sep 17 16:51
DawnAccepted13 Sep 17 14:56
SusanWAccepted18 Sep 17 18:06
JulesAccepted20 Sep 17 07:42
EdAccepted11 Sep 17 11:16
DomAccepted17 Sep 17 09:10
SteveWAccepted18 Sep 17 18:06
SimonTentative10 Sep 17 17:32
RenDeclined18 Sep 17 13:54
KarenJDeclined19 Sep 17 13:37
AndyDeclined06 Sep 17 12:19


Accepted means you will attend (on behalf of CKC)
Tentative means you're interested but not sure if you can attend - this is useful for organisers
Declined means you can't, or don't want, to attend - again useful for organisers